The Story

BTL SVC provides award-winning, hand-crafted, premium quality, ready to serve cocktails, conveniently served anytime, anywhere.


Your Favorite Bar.
Anytime. Anywhere.

Our goal is to redefine where and when you can enjoy a great cocktail, particularly when you just can’t find one. Our hope is you feel the same, love, passion and commitment we put into every bottle.

A Classic Lineup

The BTL SVC family of cocktails are a symbol of craftsmanship and passion. Made with only the finest ingredients, each one is as unique as the individual who drinks it.

BTL SVC Old Fashioned
BTL SVC Manhattan
BTL SVC Negroni
BTL SVC Gin Martini
BTL SVC Ginger Buck
BTL SVC 1934 Cosmo
BTL SVC Matador
BTL SVC Spicy Maid
BTL SVC - Nathan Oliver

Crafted by a Master

Our master of cocktails, Nathan Oliver, a well respected artisan in the world of mixology and whose cocktail recipes have been developed over a decade behind a bar, personally crafted each cocktail, all certified by his signature appearing on every bottle.

Together we look forward to Raising The Bar.

Where We Serve

You can currently enjoy BTL SVC at any of the following locations

BTL SVC - Montage
BTL SVC - Beverly Hills Hotel
BTL SVC - Hollywood Roosevelt
BTL SVC - Sunset Tower
BTL SVC - Nobu
BTL SVC - Sixty Hotel
BTL SVC - Palihouse
BTL SVC - Petit Ermitage
BTL SVC - Milk Studios
BTL SVC - Los Angeles Country Club
BTL SVC - Oaks Gourmet
BTL SVC - Hi-Lo Liquor